i didn't understand what to do with that code Stress

so i copy it all to tell me what to do Tounge

FavIcon.ico Successfully Generated
Host It at (Direct Link)
1.Simply copy and paste the code below in the head of your web pages:
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" type="image/x-icon" />

just copy this:
and go to ACP - General -Forum - Configuration - Forum favicon : add it here.

nothing happen

wtf .. can i see the forum link?

Hmm.. try save the favicon to your PC and then upload it to another host (:

that is the only host i've found in the last 13 hour Crying

ok i'll keep searching and let u know when i find any thing

You must use PS to save it as .png Smile

no PS in my computer

Use this.

Thanx boss Very Happy now what??

Not what? Happy what do u mean

i copied the link and put it in ACP - General -Forum - Configuration - Forum favicon

but no change

But i can see it Happy its there (:

sir .. are u using internet explorer??

All I did for mine was get the picture link and copyed and pasted it, and it worked.

it worked now >>


Thanx sir to inspire me to search for ways to improve my fourm

Since this thread seems to be solved,i will now lock it and mark it as solved. Wink