Is their any way I can make users be able to scroll down and pick one of the two templates to use for my forum?

That would be a great feature. AS I have a light and dark template, can people pick? Is their any way?

Ill check this later this thread, as im going to school now.

Thanks mate!

I read it, and im confused.

Could you give me a on MSN now Wink

You can just ask them in the topic Smile

I prefer you though mate, as I know you.

I would appreacite it Wink

Lol.. i will also write the same Happy but follow the all steps!

LOL, alright mate Wink

Could you get on MSN though, incase I have questions.

Sorry for double posting, but im trying to figure this out.

However, im confused as im using Phpbb3? Will it still work?

I need this done.

Do not double post for bumping or adding extra comment within 24 hours. Use the EDIT button.

the chance for it works is 80%

Sorry Jap.

PM sent Gangstar.