As you know Gangstar, and Jap the homepage that was made had an issue and doesn't work, so could you make us a new one please?

Gangstar, that would be sick mate! I have waited 4 weeks to add a homepage, but it can't be added as the one we made is messed up....

Gangstar what you say?

You know what I want on it, I want it cool! Which will be cool, as your amazing at coding!


1) Make it fit the forum (the forum is now black and white)

2) At the top I want to show the AOTW, and SOTW (and if their are any more comps then thoes)....maybe some Jquery where users can click AOTW and it shows the image, etc.

3) I want a Welcome section, announcements (news), staff, and a Follow Us section where we will have Twitter and Facebook.

4) I have a image that shows of the render gallery, which would be great if you can add that somewhere. (

5) At the top, their will be a Home Link, Forum Link, Gallery, Contact...

If you could get started with that, then I can give you more pictures to add etc....(illl be on MSN today, at 4 or 5 Eastern Time)

Gangstar make the homepage, as you see just be creative! Thanks mate!

I will make it when i have time...

Great, thanks!

When will you have time, you say?

Nope.. as its for free you must wait until im not busy.. no one would make this for free.

Alright mate, thats fine.

Hopefully Jap, fixes the last one so you don't need to do this request.

Since this thread seems to be solved,i will lock it and mark it as solved.