How do I get rid of a rollver color?

When you hover over a section, it turns like pink for me. How to remove that complety?

in your forum? or where.. and can u take a screen shot..

Yea, its the rollover color.

So, if you hover over a section it will change to a light pink (as I changed the rollover colour to pink).....however I want it gone 100 percent.

So, not sure how to do that.

You can't hide it.. its me who added it. its a background.

Can I hide it on my forum? Its like a hover color?

Let me see your forum..

ACP - Display - Colors - Scroll down and hover over the text and see which color box has that pink color..

Its rollover color mate......thats the box...can I disable it?

Can you give me the pink color hex code (:


255 R
235 G
325 B

Add this in your css:

li.row:hover, table.table1 tbody tr.hover,table.table1 tbody tr:hover, #calendar ul:hover,#mini-calendar ul:hover, #calendar .hover-td:hover,#mini-calendar .hover-td:hover, table.forumline tr:hover td{background-color:transparent;}

Didn't work ;(

ftw Happy then from the color just made the normal bg color same as the hover color (:

The issue is that their is a dark grey, and a light grey, so their didnt colors....?

What do you mean?

For example the topics.

The rollover color is pink.

The Graphic Section.

It will have threads like this.

Torres Signature (this is in grey)
Lampard (this is in blue)

So, if I click blue with a piunk rollver it changes to pink....

in the ACP - Display - Color is there a pink color?