how can i do like those??


Try this in your CSS (:

.forumline td.pagination a{padding:2px; border:1px solid #1e1e1e;}

Thanx boss .. but it only effect the numbers at the top of the page

I will look for the others Happy just give me time Razz

ok sir,, i'll wait

and i'll raise my hands to the sky and pray for u to be happy

haha Happy
Try replace the code i gave you with this one (:

.forumline td.pagination a, .forumline.noprint td.row1 .gensmall a{padding:2px; border:1px solid #1e1e1e;}

Very Happy
WoW it worked,, thanx

still this two places sir

Now u must wait Happy because I'm busy with this forum Happy

Ţakę your timę boŝŝ

Can i see your forum link so i can make a code Smile

Aha Happy Arabic forum Wink
Good i understand it lol Happy
But where did you added the CSS code i gave you? (:
The first thing in the screen shot need to be done from the templates... i think you must forget it if you don't know how to edit templates (:

tell what to do and i will do .. please??
i re put the CSS code now
i can replac templates:tounge:

I'm not if it works Happy but let me test it first Happy

Silent i'm waiting