Oh yeah, just tried it now. I use Firefox but I still have IE installed. It looks horrible and there are red lines everywhere. Thanks, bro. Solved.

Yah.. i know these red lines Happy
No problemo Happy

I'll try and find a way to get onto it without it screwing up on me, I'll just buy my own internet I think. Or, if I get this job I can get Admin permissions and it will work fine. Happy Also, Gangstar15, I sent you an Inbox. Smile

Gangstar15 wrote:Oh come one Happy
of course WD would looks s*** in IE Happy
We use CSS3 Happy

If you want to get into the industry, that really is not the attitude to have. As much as I hate IE, it is still our job to make the site look descent on ALL browsers not just Firefox or Chrome. Anyone who can't do that can not say they are in the industry!

You are right.. Happy but i don't have time to design wd for IE Happy

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