Yah Happy cant u see it self? there are many themes that is much better than this one (:

i don't have any sense of taste

can u pick one for me?? Razz


Well.. if you want to design a theme then you just need the default one and design it Happy
what ever ;D
this one Happy

done .. what is my next step??

You next step is to tell us what you want to change in it Happy what you don't like Happy
request graphics and codes Happy
but not in this topic Happy

the problem is i don't know what change to create something wonder full

my members are decreasing because of that forum

so i want to create a forum can face the vb forums😢

Then you need alot of time...
We don't create themes here but we help with some problem with the themes (:

ok,, i will bring my tent here Wink & Tongue

i can create a theme but i need your guidness

i don't know what to do but i can do

just say pe!n change this and this and i will be a good boy Smile

please don't let my dream down

Hahah Happy lol
Well first you need a good and simple logo/banner which is the important thing in the website Happy

ok,, i'll do it Happy


i went to the help forum as u said and tell them to help me
i gave them this logo to put it in a banner

Impatient and that was the result

Haha Happy lol.. i don't know what you are trying to do Happy

my labtop have tiny problems so i will do the logo later by my self


what is the next step??

I don't think this is going to be like you want..
you need to think self.. because i can only think how the forum will look if it was mine..

pleeeease see it from your side as it is your forum

I need time.. and what was the forum link?


this my forum link:
this the demo forum:

Juma Mubark every one Smile

Nice one Happy
Now you need to change the background (:
make it fit with the logo so it will be black too
and you need also to change the forum icons Happy

Very Happy
Yes sir

back .. i've finished the style as u orderd boss

next step?? Razz

Lol man Happy I don't know man Happy
Do it as you want is better Happy

i don't know what to do next Crying
where i can find phpbb2 codes in cool stuff?? Crying

View source Happy

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