how are u??


my english is not that good so i hope u understand me Suspect

i'm student and i create a forumotion fourm to gather the studnets

after one year a vb forum apeared with the same porpuse of my forum

and my forum lost it's glory with says of free forum and useless forum


i'm not going to be beaten so i came here to learn from u

i build a forum no one can laugh on it

can u help the little child?? Crying

I don't really know with what "I" can help you (:
but you're welcome here (:

Very Happy
thanx boss

ammm my froum looks very old

how can develop it like this forum??

can i arrive to what u did here??

Is your forum from forumotion? and what version you use?
what looks old (:
What needs to be changed &
What colors you want (:
Just ask in support section about what what you need to change and we are all ready to help you Happy

yeah aand it is Phpbb2

i like the silver color and the dust cover all my forum

and i don't know what to change .. if u can help me to put me in the right bath Shy

But i still need your help Happy
do you tried searching for a theme in (:?

themes can't do somthing like what i see here

Then do as i told you ;=)
ask in the support forum about what you need (:

there is a subject for me in the support forum without any reply

Can u bump it so i can see it (:

As you can see dion told you what to do.. but i know you don't know javascript (:
so i need to test it first (:
because i also want this Happy

ok,, i shall wait

ammm at the mean time what shall i do??

Wait Razz

where is the forum librey??
imean for codes and hints

Sorry, but only users granted special access can read topics in this forum.


oh.. wait i will change it Happy

Look for the web design section. All the codes are there.

yes sir,, but no find


can this be a good theme??

i can design but i need help in code things and share me some of your amaizing knowledge

please?? Embarrassed

Is this your or you want one like it?

mine .. i got it from hitskin but i'm not sure if it is good

do u like it or i shall look for somthing else??

I dont like it Happy
find another one Happy


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