Why is it all white? and the alignment is messed up?

Try clear your forum cookies (:
plus we are still working on it (:
PS: We have changed the theme.

Cearing cookies did nothing. its pure white like a default temp with the alignments whack. I want old themee! it was much easier to use 'o.O and didnt look messy on my screen with aligning in cats

can u take a screen shot (:

theme? Captur10

it doesn't look like this Happy
What browser u use?
try clear your browser cache too (:

I use firefox

I'm using Firefox too but it's working fine for me. (It's Firefox 4.0 Beta 11)

Woot! Another beta user Happy
Try using the new beta, Chrome, Opera or Safari =)

so whats wrong with my browser? why it showing like that?

Clear your browser's cache too.

I'm Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 11, and no bugs here, try download it Wink