Hello guys, before i leave world dezign, i want to change the theme to a perfect one Happy
so i want you to give me some idea about how the new theme will look Happy just the main colors Happy
and if u like this theme then i leave it as its Happy

What you Mean With Leaving it ?

Put a new admin and i will take care of the others things i have (:
don't have much time any more..


do your thing BiG G

I will try an be around an make sure tings are running good

What i came up with, is i will not change the theme, but will fix some errors Happy

that very good bro

this theme is good just the few little lags need fixing

Great Smile

I'm still working on it Happy
there is a lot things to do (:


dont leave! Crying

i am sure you will leave by leaving an awesome theme back!!!

Its way too sexy to hande! Happy

hahah Happy but i will leave it with trusted hands Happy

I will wait to see who the new admin will be Happy

can you release the old theme?

I have the CSS Happy But i don't share it in hitskin (:

you could post it on here.

for members with like 100+ posts or something

I will post it later (:

this look is kool ^_^

This new theme is awesome! So great I might even become active again, lol! Happy

That's sounds good Happy
+ you're welcome to be as you as before Razz
But i don't know why you are not a mod any more?

I had no time, so I asked stormy to fire me. I've never been that buisy before!
I wanna rejoin Delicious

Nice theme Smile

Thanks, Maki! Happy

i ike this theme its great!! and also when are you leaving the forum i never knew that..

No-one knows, not even the staff.

Wow gangstar... this new theme is amazing! Nice work!

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