You are correct mate. Their is a X that I can X out. Then I can go on my website again.

However, every time you type my website, you have to click that X.

Is their any way I can just have a X on a picture? (like a annocuments or something)

You sure can have the X as/on a picture. I did state that I'm incapable of adding cookies, therefore, it displays everytime the page loads. If someone would incooperate an cookie into that script, everything would be fixed!

Hopefully someone can finish it Wink

Thanks anyways mate.

I didn't followed your posts, but you can hide the pic by default and make an arrow to show it Happy


How I do that Gangstar?

you can hide the image with css or jquey with this code:

selector name{display:none;}
Add a class or ID to the image and replace it with "selector name" (:
jQuery("selector name").hide();
Do the same here (:

When you say hide what do you mean?

I want users to see the picture, but if they have enough I want them to easily switch it off.

BTW Gangstar, check PM's mate.

You didn't understood me Happy you will also need to use Saxaca's script to show it Happy

Ah ok, gotcha Wink

Will give it a try mate!

Thanks very much!

BTW - Hopefully we can fix this template thing. its almost their, and looks amazing!

Ok good Happy
tell me if you meet any problems (:
Me too lol Happy

Haha Wink

I tryed it and its not working, but you know I probably did something wrong LOL! So Ill give you the code picture code, and you do all the code.

Also mate, do you think you could give the template a few more minutes mate? I really feel you could do it right Wink

Pretty please.....I have a reward for you if it works.....I need it done big time Wink

this is the full code:


<script type="text/javascript">
<img src="" class="trig" />
<img src="" class="sotw" />

Alright thats better. No redirect.

I see that thing in the right hand corner, but it wont let me click it.

huh.. why it work for me (:

Erm, go on my forum and try it....see if it works for still have that admin account.

I don't see it? Happy

I removed it as it didnt work.....readd it Wink

then add it..

I reposted....

take a look Wink

Oh try this one:

<script type="text/javascript">
<img src="" class="trig" />
<img src="" class="sotw" />

Didn't work ;(

Wait mate, it worked!

You can't see the picture until you click that thing, then it comes down. How I make it go back up now?

Nevermind, it works now!


I did it (:
Next time use the edit button (:

Thanks mate!

Ill use edit next time Wink

What you think I should do about template issue?

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