My mate made me a homepage for my forum.

He used HTML, and abit of CSS. He told me that he has CSS Files, and image files. When I copy the code he made to the HTML template in the admin panel and then preview it, it doesn't show any of the pictures, and just shows text. Not only that but theirs no background, and the whole homepage like is messed up.

Whats the problem? How do I fix this?


You have remembered to upload ALL files? Right? Smile

Yes, I have all files. I have a image folder, a CSS folder, and a js folder (jquery).

Every time I go to preview the code, its all messed up. Im sure their must be a code or something that should be placed somewhere.

Please help us out, my mate worked hard on the homepage.

Did you change the images in the CSS to the new link (the hosted ones)?


Where did u hosted the CSS files?

Or can you just send a PM of the whole code to me? I'll look into it.


can you pm me the code to take a look at it and try to fix it for you? Smile

Gangstar - We hosted the files on

Japorized - PM sent mate Wink

Nick - If its not fixed, I will send you it.

You have lots of work to do matey.
1. Change the link to the hosted images in your CSS.
2. Change the link to the hosted jQuery. (if you're not using them in your homepage, remove them.)

I'll try to tidy up the HTML but as for the others, you'll have to do it on your own. (Learn from your mistakes, so that you won't redo it again. Wink)

Sounds good mate, and thanks Wink

When your done fixing the code, please let me know.

Jap, PM sent Wink