how to have badge in a different tag?

What exactly do you mean? o.O

i want to have in my forum two different profile tools
one like:


and another own with badge

in 2 different boxes!

but i need them in another box

What do you bean by box?

Just add another div to it

An div is not an box.. I am insulted Stress
Seriously, though. I still do not get this.. Impatient

I think he wants to have achievement like WD(avatar is in a different box and achievements are also in a different box),don't you?

@Evil: Eh... What? I'm seriously blurred with your comment.

@No-one: Or just add a border, erm... something like this

border: 1px solid #efefef;
In your CSS

An div is an div, an div is shaped like an box. It is not an box XD

you can make a box with a div (;

An box is an box, and div is an div! =@

Give a border to a div to make it a box. Smile

No.. it just makes it look like an box >.>

Then what is the box that you mean?

haha. we know that... but if u want to make a box how would u make it then?, a table, ya but there u will write more than when you use a div (:

i just would like to have two different div (profile-tools)
one with these:


and another with badges

Evil.. don't be stu... then tell us how to make a B.O.X?? Stress

To make the chat to the side?? :/

@No-one, what version u use?
@Kostas, if you have any problem please make your own topic (:


Take an piece of wood, some nails and an hammer and shape it like an box! Happy


No-one,Don't post such seamless posts.If you repeat this again you will receive a warning.

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