i dont know where to post this..
so i decide to post it here..
i need to remove this..



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For the first one.
Admin Panel -> Modules -> Forum Widgets management (In Portal & Widgets) -> Set 'Display forum widgets' to 'No'

As for the second one. It can only be done in PunBB and phpBB2.
Look for the code with the name 'legend' in the templates which has them and remove them.

Couldn't yo use CSS?
Forum version/link please =)

thnk Japorized..
no.1 is done n second one..
i used phpbb3

for this --> your using phpbb3 i think we need a css on this...just wait for someone to give the code

I'm giving an example, it's not the real code.

.theclass {
display: none;

The ".theclass" will be the class name for the legends. If it's id, just change "." to "#".

Here's your code to remove the index one.

#picture_legend {
  display: none;
  visibility: hidden; /* IE fallback */

thanks dude!

Solved & locked