What religion are you?
I'm protestant

Never heard about that xD
I'm Muslim (:

I am Christian


I cant even explain it to you gangstar, i'm not a big fan of religion :P

I'm same as Sean - Chrisitian

I am Christian

im Christian Religion 226606

Gangstar15 wrote:Never heard about that xD
I'm Muslim (:


Protestant is something like catolic and ortodox....i`m Cristian tooo...Ortodox... Wink

Atheist here. I have my reasons.

Same as gangster..I'm a muslim..

Really? xD where u from? Happy

Atheist? Sorry, i only know the Norwegian names for the religions..

Christian here..

Christian too

@Gangstar15 I am from about you?..

Don't know where its xD
I'm from Iraq Happy

Its in indian ocean an island country..most of the maps dont have maldives..we are invisible Wink..

Hehe Happy okay cool thne Razz

I am Cristian! xD

I'm proud to be a CHRISTIAN Happy

I am a proud CHRISTIAN 2 ^_^

Welcome here swiss my cuz yeah


Christian .