Hello World Dezign members, today wd came out with new nice feature for our members, we have now launched "Member of the Month" after we have discussed about it in the staff section.

Key reasons that makes a member of the month:
1. Good contributions, i.e Creating Topics, Replying to Members needing help, Creating Tutorials etc.
2. Greeting New Members
3. Referring New Members*
4. Spreading the Word about the Forum*
5. Excellent Code of Conduct (No Rudeness, Spamming your link etc)

Additional Things to consider.
6. Post suggestion for the forum
7. Uploading some of your Art/Images to the Gallery

Q. If I win a member of the month title and get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place is it still possible to win future months?
A. Yes! It's totally open, there's no reason why a user could not come 1st 10x in a row, it simply comes down to the best contributers of that particular month.

Q. How do I get my prize?
A. I will contact the lucky winners via pm and ask for their email address to send the voucher to. Your special badges & title will automatically be added to your username.

Q. How will people know i'm a winner?
A. You badge will be displayed under your username on every post/topic you create, your name will appear on the winners archive and also feature in the announcements.

Well that's a surprise...
So you're the judge yourself?

hehe Happy not only me Razz we will see who is the member of the month ;P all staff

Smile That good idea

I hope i get 1

cool like that idea