So, How's youe day been today?
Rather good for me..

Its was very good and fun at school Happy

i was ok for me a good day Happy

i get 9 in french!

9? Here in good old Norway we only get 1-6.. Anyways, i've got a 6, and a 5 and another 6 on three tests i received today.. Can it be more nerdy?

Anyways, pretty good.

Lol we go from 1-8 but I get 8 every time because I'm fluent in French ^_^

i got like 3/10 | 3/10 | 19/40 | 15/30

i suck at french

it was oke Happy good day.

Good day but cold

Monster wrote:Good day but cold

My day? You wanna know about my day huh huh????? Ahhhhhhh THIS DAY !! ARG!!! It was ok, thanks for asking Smile

Very sucky day weather wise but at school it was ok

really good ..last day of school for me and it holiday!!

Normal day :]