Hey Gangstar, The new look is great! Amazing job!

Glad you liked it ;D i though that everyone won't like it ;D

Well tough s***, Monster likes it and so it stays as that XD

It's hell sexy! Cool

haha ;D well change the buttons to the same style too Wink

I like it too !

Thank you! ;D

Thought you're gonna play around with the border-radius...
The top is a little ugly...

yah.. i will add border radius to every thing Razz

Great work Gangstar! Wink

Thanx UD ;D

Now it looks more natural...

Good Razz

it look very sexy forum Smile

i like how the banner is ontop of the background but also on the botton lol

The forum's look is fantastic. So many beautiful interface advanced codes, I hope I'll learn something new here Wink

I love that style ♥️
Veeeeeery well done ! Suspect

Thank you! (:
Glad you liked it Happy

its great gangstar reall good wish i were a good coder like you

This topic is actually not about this skin, but another one! Big grin

Its very nice Wink

Much better than the last one.