A simple banner I did for my forum  2011ba12

What u guys think ?

It's great, But it needs to have some kind of meaning..
If its a banner its got way to much height..
It cuts of along the bottom+top as-well which aint that good,
It should have text somewhere for your banner,

Other than them points it is great, I Really love the design and great idea with the lion and the person. I love the way the lights light up on the car, The paints are really good also.

no monzter

the banner is perfect for my forum not yours .

Take a LOOK on my forum an see : Preveiw

This is awesome!

Sean,You can post a preview of it instead of posting the link to your website.


Comment on the tread please an thanks let me know what u think


thanks blade99

You mask the man`s mouth with the car, but it`s very nice =D

Very cool!

Gets the users attention for sure Wink

Thanks Dantheman

No problem.