Hey there,

so,today i experimented with the tryit editor by W3schools and found out how it works.
I decided to make my own editor by scratch and use it in the future Happy

Removed by Nick

You are free to use it for your coding matters Smile

Notice:For these little folks dont try to get the source code cause you cant Delicious (like WD's homepage)

So enjoy Happy

Very nice Nick, You made this?

As i said above,i experimented with W3schools editor and found out how it works.
Yeah i did it today and you are free to use it (and tweet it Razz ) Wink

Great job Wink

Try using javascript to refresh the page automatically so that the code result appears on it's own.
You might want a reference.


that's what i want to do japo (:

thats what i am trying to do,anyways i will update it sometime Razz

Good stuff.