So what do you favour, Dogs or Cats?

Hello? :P

Dogs. I don't know why, but I've always liked those the most.

dogs and cats there both great

Dogs are more energetic and they can be trained

Dogs or clearly excelling in this topic.
No cat lovers? xD

there 1 cat mack000

no i voted for dogs cuaze it is true dogs could be trained and there great pets

Dogs !

i guess the cats stink

i guess the cats stink
Oh no, ever smelled a wet, muddy dog? ^^
I've voted for dogs, becurse they're more cute, trainable und they like it to be petted. I've met a cat, who won't be pretted. Wasn't good to me. Don\'t Cry
My dog is a Rottweiler, know that race?

I love both. But I prefer cats.

BTW, I have allergy on cats.... Tounge


I have 2 dogs so yeah dogs are xD