Homepage message, Announcements (:

@Agent: I agree with Evil, since that many CSS can't actually work through all browsers, jQuery has become a better choice for Forumotion forums. And like what Gangstar had said, you can always add them into the Homepage message or announcements.

A little emphasizing on this, phpBB3 doesn't allow template changing, doesn't mean that you can't have javascripts or jQuery in your forum.

Can I have the link to your forum or website please?

Well I'm working on it with a test forum. Can we start all over?

Admin panel => Display => Picture and Colors (Colors) => CSS Stylesheet
(Sorry to tell you this but I'm not good with jQuery just yet Razz)

Look for your table code though view source

tr:nth-child(even) {
  background: #000;

With this code in your CSS, all even numbers tables (2,4,6...) will have their background colors as black. Erm... You should try out with the code first.

Still I must say that if you are to give the address to your test forum, it would make things a lot easier. Smile

These kinds of codes needs to be built after the site itself.. therefore, I would appreciate if you sent me an PM with the link to your forum, or post it here.

Japo.. you didn't use my jQuery! Vey Mad
On the other hand, you seriously shouldn't put scripts between the body tag.. (Homepage message). Rather, host it at Webs, or even contact me and get it hosted at my server.. then, you can paste the script inside your head tags! (Forum description), which should remove some serious bugs!

Agent.. what forum version is your test forum? Seriously, stay at phpBB3 and not any template-editing version.. The CSS is pretty strange on them, so there is an chance you may be stuck, unable to do this, jQuery or not. (jQuery is based on CSS selectors, but we're going to use the .eq() function to avoid the nth-child pseudo)

My test forum is phpbb3. I am making a theme on the test forum then going to transfer it to my site. Would that make a difference?

@Agent: That would make a difference if your main forum is not phpBB3. Your main would automatically change to phpBB3 if you are to install the new theme to your current forum version.

@Evil: Sorry but I'm seriously not good with jQuery. I'm still learning it all by myself. Just played a little with fadeIn/fadeOut/fadeToggle, or slides, hides and those basic ones...

both my test forum and regular forum are phpbb3 Smile Would you need the link to both or just one?

Preferally both =)

Like what Evil said, preferably both. So that we can cope with them.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but we have decided to move to the real phpbb which has template editing. I would have responded earlier but I have been under the weather.

Well, template editing won't make an difference, really, since the categories are controlled with classes, and not id's.

@Evil: At least they can now give the tables and everything else a class or id which they prefer.

@Agent: Can we have your web address?

It still won't help much, if you don't plan to build all the categories yourself from the templates..

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