Hey guys Happy here is a demo or world dezign shop:

tell me what you think Happy
what should be added/removed ;D

I think they are way too close,I mean each box with another..
You and coding is a couple made in heaven..Wink

That nice shop template Happy

Use real cash or forum point?

All the different borders look confusing =/ But apart from that it's awesome! But I still prefer the old one (:

Thanks for the feedbacks Happy
I'm still changing on it Happy
@Fear, You are right, i make more space between them (:
@bsdd, there is somethings for many & somethings for only points Razz
@Strom, you are right too Happy but that the way i like it Happy,
The old templates was buggy (:

ok. template shop??

Template is empty website Razz

Looks very nice! Happy

Pretty, and professional...
It's just border-top and border-bottom but creatively optimized. *thumbs up

Looks fantastic, good work,
I have a suggestion too. Maybe you can add a contact field below, so users can right now write what they want to buy and send it to the administrators. Smile

Thanks all! Happy
Japo u r right ;P
Arane, we have contact form here.
but yah i will add in the shop in the future

I think that looks really good Smile

thanks Happy

great job gangstar reall nice

Great job..When is it going to be used?

I will try yo upload it to the forum as soon as i can (: