do you upload javascript?

forumotion block dollar sign? $

I use for all my script & CSS stylesheet (:

o.. can you teach how to upload it?

Theres a file manager there.You have to make an account first.


Why did forumotion block dollar sign?

We don't know (: they also blocked the "buy" word (:

What a buy word?

B.U.Y "BUY" its the word..


so i got web account .how do i upload it?

Sign in - Edit the site you created - File Manager - Single File Upload - Choose the javascript from your PC and click Upload (:

Found it



2 more question

do i save in notepad with .js? or .txt?

is there javascript site? like better

you need to use it with notepad yes. as .js and WITHOUT

<script type="text/javascript"> & </script>
search in google.

Ok. thank colour navigation look cool

Welcome (:
Ty ;D

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