as the title says, how do i request a tutorial?

I was planning to add a sub forum about that (:
Just give me some time and i will make a "Tutorials Requests" forum (:

can i just request one here for now?

I would like a full tutorial on how to make the profile info on the side of each post have boxes around it how to arrange the stuff in them

Maybe you don't know what i said before..
don't take pictures from world dezign and tell us how to do this.
this don't need any tutorial. i have said how to do it in many other topics.

Okay, can you link me to one of these topics then?

I can't find which one is it:
Moved to HTML & CSS

Adam360 wrote:Okay, can you link me to one of these topics then?

search for it yourself,dont request copy-paste codes.

I will give you 2 tips:

border 1px solid Delicious


I try that Profile with border but it wont show up

EDITED: I figured it out..