Hi, As inspired from the WebArtz ordeal - We should have a badge for the members and staff to put on their forums if they have not copied this website.
The people who have copied this website - Don't get one and are banned for obvious reasons etc etc.

So, What do you think?

that was my idea... Impatient

Nick wrote:
you should make a copier badge lol Happy

Hmm? Well I didn't see a topic with a suggestion in, Did I? xD

If we make this in our forum then webartz forum will say that we copied their idea (:

Well, We need to make it a little different.
Users get the badge on their website if they want it and also get an achievement on this website

Yah.. why not (:

Giving an achievement would be unique..

I think some good awards are:

+Homepage (something simple like the free i gave away)
+1 week stay to the "winner lounge" a premium subforum
+10% discount for the bought of premium homepages

First and Last one i disagree with.
Second one is great, Add an achievement along with it and it's fine.

Suggestion accepted.