Hello users, as i said before that the forum's games forum will be changed to something else (:
and now its changed to "Design & Layout" = "Web design & Layout" in this forum you can get help for how to improve & make a good websites (:
you will gets tips, reviews, Get help and advice on planning your web design project.

Reviews? Can i do them again? =)
Teh only rule:
Place review in your title =P

i can do reviews Smile
i am skillful enough and been a reviewer in lots of boards.

*accepts to team*
Welcome.. If we had an group Razz

Sure Nick Happy you can do them Happy

Hmm.. forgot me?^^

lol.. anyone can make reviews (: include members

Gangstar15 wrote:lol.. anyone can make reviews (: include members

a past review i did for a site (:


-Generalities (30marks)

When i first entered your forum,i had no idea what it was about.Then i noticed your moto to the right side "Getting your Rune in a split second.Your forum was adorable for me,that light blue skin with some white colors are one of my favourites,its very modern & stylish,also its not tiring for my eyes.The only thing i didnt like was the only category which could be viewed by guests,the "guest category".For me thats really bad,because when i entered the forum i had no idea what i was about,as i mentioned above.For me it would be better if all categories could be viewed by guests but they were not allowed to post messages on the board.I believe that if your categories could be viewed by guests,more users could have registered to your forum because they could see for what the forum is related.After successfuly registering,i have to say that i really liked the shoutbox to the top.After seeing your categories i finally discovered that your forum was related to Runescape servers.You had 6 categories in total,they were perfectly created and the forums available on the board were combining all the good things from the Runescape server to website feedback,chatting,coding and graphics.I also liked the link "back to top" to the bottom,that was a good pimp to the forum Smile.I also liked those anti-bots fields during registration,like th Captcha code and the "1+1" field.Great choice of you adding those,because they will protect your board from spamming Smile.To conclude,the forum's structure is just great,but i think it would be better if all categories could be viewed by guests so that they have an idea what it is about,and a forum description should be really important.My mark is 26/30.

-Forum Style (30marks)
When i clicked the link to your forum and visited it,i got really amazed how beautiful the theme was.Light blue with white,just a great choice of theme and colors there!!The forum wasnt hard to see,instead it was just adorable and i would stare seeing your forum from morning to night!While registering,i really liked the small icons like the alert sign and the tick icon.They were just great and they were matching with the whole theme.The forum icons are just pure awesomeness!!Actually there is nothing special with them,they are really simple and that is the reason that i really liked them.The theme is simple,the icons are simple,everything is simple!For me,simple and modern design is the best choice for a forum.And that is why i really liked it!The small "New" icons were great as well,I really liked the shutbox to the top,its just great!The forum emoticons were also amazing,they are carefully crafted and designed and they match with the forum theme,style & icons.Another great thing to the forum was the announcements to the top,i got shocked from that one!You see an announcement and when you finish reading it it fades and its replaced by onother one!That was just a-m-a-z-i-n-g!The menu was great styled,i really liked the small bubble that appears with sub-menus when hovering over some links,that is matching a lot with the whole theme.I didnt like the contact buttons,they reminded me of Windows 95 icons,i think you really need to change them cause they are much different from the other icons on the board.The emoticons are great looking,the small buttons as well,for me you really have to replace those contact buttons with others so that the forum looks better Wink .The reply buttons and new topic buttons were the same as the menu,that nice hovering effect was really good.The banner was really simple,just a black text.I have nothing to say about it,it wasnt bad or good,it doesnt look bad because it was matching with the whole theme,which was simple.However i think it would be better if you change it to something better looking.This will make your forum look much better Wink .The search bar to the right was very good,it was placed to the right position.I believe that if you change the "Seach" bar color from cyan to light blue it will look better,because your theme is light blue and white.(the only thing with cyan color there was the search button and that was not looking good for me)This doenst mean that your forum looks bad,thats just something that isnt so important but i will make your forum better-looking Wink.To conclude,i was amazed by your forum graphics.They were simple and they were matching with each other.The only thing you need to change was the banner.The other small things & icons(The contact buttons and the search bar color) look really nice but for me its reccomended to change them Wink )My mark here is 29/30,your forum deserves it! Smile

-Usergroups (20marks)

You have 4 groups at your runescape board.Distinguished Member,Forum Admin,Forum Mod,Retired Mod.
I firstly didnt understand what Distinguished member group is about,so i clicked the group name to see where it will redirect me.After clicking it i found out that you could see the group icon and a description of what the group is about!That had really helped me,beacuse i didnt know what that group was about so after clicking it i understood. Wink .This is just great,at other forums when you click that button a message appears "you dont have the rights to see this page" and thats really annoying if you dont know what that group is.That Distinguished group was very good,reminded me something like Advanced poster and contributor,great choice creating that one!I have nothing to say about the "Forum admin" usergroup,we all know what that is about and we also know that that group is neccesairy at all forums.Forum mod group was something classic,all forums have that and its important.I didnt understand what the "Retired mod" was about even though when i read the description.Why create a group for the users that where mods and have been demoted?Why not just add them to the "members" group?That was something really strange for me,i see no need why that usergroup exists. Suspect .To sum up,your usergroups are great,i only wonder why you have that "retired mod" usegroup.My total mark here is 16/20. Wink

-Forum Activity (20marks)

0 Guests, 1 User

That hurts,your forum is very well designed and only i was online and active at the previous 15 minites.Whow,only 1 member active during the past 15 minites.With those statistics i think that your board is new.

Most Online Today: 3. Most Online Ever: 8 (June 23, 2010, 03:07:45 PM)

Hm..most users online 8.Thats good.However,it could be better.

87 Posts in 43 Topics by 14 Members

14 members?Your forum is a really tiny community.87 posts,thats bad as well.I wish your forum gets more and more activity,because its just bad you have such a great design and you have no members.
Advertising is the only way to get members.Start advertising!
My mark is low,but i cant give you more.

10/20 Neutral

Nice nice Wink

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