how i make background in 4 in 1 like WD?

Just another background: #color tag in the CSS. Wink

in order to have the same background with your body you can use the css:


Or just simply replace 'none' with 'transparent'.

Where do i add that?

In a inline style would I suggest or you sheet Smile

Sorry for off topic, but I'm curious - why did you add crosses in the screenshot?

where do you add the code

Mack, Just wait would you?. Wait to see if the problem is solved, As this is not your topic you'll have to wait and see - If you dont get what you want make your own topic, But try not to copy everything else from other people.

Unknown Data wrote:In a inline style would I suggest or you sheet Smile

What sheet?

Offtopic - Thank Monster for telling mack

Unknown means that there are two ways to add the style.
First, (PS: This is just a sample)

<div style="background: transparent;">

Here's the second method, by adding the code into the CSS

div .styling {
  background: transparent;

I still dont get it...

I keep asking..Where do i put it?

ACP - Display - Colors - CSS stylesheet.
you must give an ID or Class to every image.

mm gangstar15 can you help me? please

lol? what I'm doing then? i already said what you should do o.O

fine it solved..i just leave as white...i hate white..

Topic Solved & Locked.