-How to do this ? Confused

If its now allowed to share its ok Smile .

-How to do the rss feed ? I dont get the tutorial written here :

-Last Tounge :

How to change the font and the size of the number of topics and post ?

Thank You in Advance and
Happy New Year Razz

about the first, its simple.. u have to make images list, like this :
Type: Image list
Name: name
Description: ....none
URL icons: ...none
Necessarily filled: no..
Display: both.
Display type: icon.
who can modify:..mods, or admins
bla bla...
Separator: No Choice.

second.. i will send you the code via PM. because the "WD" is censored to World Dezign.

go to the index_box and search for "Posts", "Topics" and add around theme
<font size="18px">Posts</font>

To change the font, add

<font face="FONT HERE">Posts</font>

around it, but keep in mind it will only display the font if the members of the forum have that font installed on that computer so if you want my advice, just keep to default fonts Wink

Thanks to 2 of you . But i dont get the RSS Feed :( . How can i edit them ? I dont get the tutorial on the link i've given . Can someone make rss feeder to my forum :( .