Hey users Happy
The forum is back again with some changes Happy
If you see any problem or bug with forum, please report it to us.
Thank you Happy

World Dezign Team.

the forum is nice but the logo doesnt match with the forum i dont like it much

Thank you Happy
I already know that d:
i will make a new one Happy

lol ok hope it looks great

its great awesome job! Happy

Thank you Nick Happy
Maybe its a copy?? Geek

lol then youll have to change it again

Uhm, I really dont like it sorry.
Nothing has changed apart from that banner.
Also the navbar is squashed up at the top to.

I hate it if you want me to be honest.

Wow, I love it Happy

@Monster, eeh... i just wanted it to be deferent from the other forums.
but if u think like that.. can you please design it as u like?
sorry we are not good to design forum :/

@Storm, thanks, but u don't mean it Razz

Yes I do - it's unique and awesome Happy

i think you should put the nav bar below the logo

I think you should bring back the side navigation (:

sorry mack Happy
i like it how its now (:
Storm.. i will add it soon (:

Gangstar15 wrote:Thank you Nick Happy
Maybe its a copy?? Geek

yes the black background Wink

hahah Happy
its just a color Shuck

i think you should take off the blue on the logo

i will Happy

now the forum is cool

I love the new forum

you also changed the top ten posters

They Cool! i like the nav on the top

Make banner bit more up

Nothing special to me yet. The header is kinda wide and perhaps you need a footer to 'support' the body. It's now like a tree, with many branches and foliage, with a small trunk, and no roots... lol

You are right Happy i was adding a footer, but it doesn't fit , i mean not 100% wide

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