Hi, i need some help. Sorry for the title, i just dont know what is called here .

Can someone help me doing that ? :( .

you need to change change the width of the 4in1 table (:

Try this, go to CSS and find the 0 posts in 0 topics (Sorry, I don't know what the div is called) and add

margin-right: ?px;

Change the ? to your own choice and just fiddle around with it.

@Gangstar15 :
Yep i have the 4in1 table .

@McStirmify :
Aww not working :( .

then change the width of the tables from the categories and forum for the 4in1.. or give me ur link (:

Ok, I'll PM you my username and password and my forum . Sorry cause i dont know really how :( .

Ok Np (:

Oi.....That my forum you took it with picture..

Kaito Kid ment to say " He want to add that on to his forum..

i know, but i don't have time.. and hes forum is phpbb2. there is link a link in FM for that

here the tut

Click Here

this is also my problem...

Well this problem should be solved.


can i know where is the link you post in forumotion.

Considered Done.