Which browser are you using, and why are you using it?

I started using IE because that's what there was default installed, and there was a very important system, on a danish website, that only worked with it.
Now am I using Google Chrome, because I think it got a great look and it's quick with updates from cool web effects like CSS3, as an example.

So what about you? Wink & Tongue

First i though that i FF that the best, because i didn't knew that GC was the BEST Razz
because its fast and support many cool effects from CSS3 Razz

Google Chrome too. For the same reasons as Gangstar. Actually I think it was him that introduced me to it XD

I mostly use chrome, but i've recently tested the new mozilla 4 and it looks really great! I've always hated IE by the way...

I most use safari on my iphone to checked forum and i use firefox cause it fast and better
I hate IE cause it so slow to open the browser and page

I hate IE becouse of everything Razz

I am using opera 11 but I don't know the reason why I am using it.. Razz

Using Google Chrome for nothing's better. FF4 Beta 7 is my alternate browser. IE is mostly useless except for certain web projects and my friends asking me about the lag of IE... lol

IE is worste browser ever....even that microsofy maked it....btw i`m using FF...its fast and read all codes.... Wink

Chrome - Let's just say,
Me = Happy

Firefox, its the best. Cause its clean and easy to use Wink .

I'm using two browser at the same time. I use Opera for my usuall browsing and surfing, and Firefox for exploring coding and for websites which use advanced CSS.
I like Opera because it's smooth, and Mozilla because it's clean and simple to use.

I have used IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome, and its clear to say im most pleased with Google Chrome.

Its just faster, and works better. Doesn't lag.

I don't understand chrome that well. to complicated, so i go with Firefox

Chrome is so easy!

Download chrome, and then open it. Then your done Wink