i didnt know where to post this,so i decided to place it here Smile
I am giving away my old forum,the first i created even,1 and a half year ago.Not something special but would be really happy if you take it and turn it into something new! Happy So,the forum was created in 12 October 2009 and until February 2010 we reached 75 members.Then the forum was hacked(giving details only to the person who is interested) and we lost our members and posts.Now it has 7 members.I dont use it anymore,its a ghost forum.Thats the one that got me into the world of web design.The forum adress is .You can do anything,it will be yours.Even change the domain name.

Please send me your message ONLY to and not by replying to this topic or sending me PM.

Title:Requesting forum giveaway
Message:Please explain why you want it and how you will manage it and turn it into something new.

I will choose the person with the most fresh ideas to manage the board.

Thank you,


why don't u make a backup?

i did but nothing happen.Didnt get anything back.

weird :/

yeah but anyway i am giving it away for free and would be really happy if some of you guys turn it into something new so i am waiting for your mails! Happy

come on guys,its for free Happy

Nick Happy i don't think that someone will take it Happy because all have or can create one Razz

oh okay :p

can i have look in admin panel? pm me for user and password.

bsdd wrote:can i have look in admin panel? pm me for user and password.

are you interested in taking it?


so why pm you the passworld and the username?
you little cheater...

Lol.. I wont be needing this, Thanks anyway Nick Smile

okay,just want to see it becoming alive again after a year Happy

if you dont want the forum then leave it and if its dead just delete it

Nick, PM the founders user and pass, I'll restore something for you.

so monster,will you take it? Smile