Unknown Data become new staff as Technicians

Congratulation to Unknown Data.

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Nice job, UD!

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Congratulations Smile

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Congratz UD - What are the coding languages you know?

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I have a big knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I know some PHP, MySQL (half, half), and a little bit ASP.

Right know am I studying PERL, ASP and SSI.

Wow, that's alot - I've never even heard of PERL ASP and SSI. XD

Haha xD

All of them are server side languages - that's almost the same as PHP, but with the 3 mentioned languages, can you do many other things with you website and the server within it.
No one of them can be used at forumotion, so that's properly why you haven't heard about them.
They are also more known as use for web development and not web designing (like CSS, HTML, JS). Smile

Ah nice, I might try to learn them after I've learnt Javascript (:

great job unknown data

Nice McStormify ;D


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your welcome Technican

Congrats dude..

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Congratulations Unknown!

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congrats to unknown data

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