First of all, I don't know if this is the right section, but it seemed like it was the best one. Does anyone know any good websites that have good beginner dreamweaver tutorials? Im mainly looking for tutorials that tell you how to work it and what everything does.

Try google it.. or use youtube

I have but I haven't really found what I wanted :/


try type dreamweaver tutorial

I have already done that Wink they are the more complicate ones. I just want to know what everything does. That is, for the moment

Actually, it works like Notepad, just that you can have some default templates and saves up part of your time in working. As for the other things, just use them on some dummy web pages you created yourself to test out what they are for. I don't think tutorials are necessary at all, only if you're not good in certain markup languages.

type begginer dreamweaver tutorials

Yeah, but there are a bunch of things that notepad doesn't have

mack00 wrote:type begginer dreamweaver tutorials
already done but couldn't find any;)

YouTube is your best bet. That's where I learnt coding. Type in to YouTube search "TheNewBoston" with no quotation marks - he has over 100 videos for each coding language and is extremely good.

Here is number one in the dreamweaver series:

I know but youtube doesn't ever load on this computer for some reason >.< Thats why I was looking for sites Happy