How do i make Recent Topics?

Thank Bsdd

It's an RSS feed I think. I'm not certain though.

is there tut or code for it?

im using punbb.

Can you give me your forum link so I can find your RSS?



im changing everything soon and im gonna post some graphic request.

Have you copied the whole of world-dezign's css,,
It looks alot like this place, Same background, Same ranks, At the bottom usergroups light up like they do here..


well i cant do anything about it right changing everything soon

ok...any1 help about topics

You have copied wd CSS, so im not going to help you until you delete them.

ok..sorry..i was just test my css code.

why from wd css then Happy?

idk..i delete them now. and im gond request my new post , locked and no post

now wat code for topic recent will send it to you via pm


Solved now

Solved - locked