I was wondering how the profile buttons were developed like this.

Instead of the default forumotion kind shown here.

Also, I was wondering if this could be developed using CSS like this.

I would love this for my Christmas present. Razz

This will require some edit on the templates and CSS. It depends on how are you gonna design yours.

As for CSS3 glow tabs, that's only transitions of backgrounds in ease-in-out.

Hmm, can we develop something similar to the Profile Navigations as on this site? Razz

I think.. i will close wd o.O

:o Why?

all u need is to find the tabs classes/ID's in ur CSS (: just search for "tabs"

This should work if you use PunBB:

#tabs ul li {
-webkit-transition : background-color 0.2s linear; 
-moz-transition : background-color 0.2s linear; 
-o-transition : background-color 0.2s linear; 

#tabs ul li:hover {
background-color : CHOOSECOLORHERE; 
You can off course add more properties and values. Smile
Note: The properties and values there are placed will make the cool effect you requested.

Is this solved?

I believe so. Razz

Topic Solved & Locked.