Here are some partly wooden ranks I have made Smile The red place is where you can put your forum logo. For an example, click the spoiler Smile

" alt="" />" alt="" /> are realy good at graphics....what font did you use on forum logo on examples ?

Thanks Happy
I normally use the fonts that some with the computer(there are a few exceptions). I used Lucida Handwriting for that one Smile

really nice! Happy

like em Smile

They are really nice! Happy

there awesome

My Suggestion , Use Wooden patterns / textures to get that woody effect.
Also the ribbon , Give a shine... And the size is way to big Smile

p.s. I think i gonna make a thread soon for best sizes for graphics

alright thanks Smile I did use a texture but I decreased the opacity a little too much. I was going to make it smaller but then the ribbon couldn't really fit so I was stuck with a big size Razz

I'll make a set with wooden buttons tomorrow and see what i can get cause i never tried it before Smile

Cool ! Nice .!

Nice i like it

Well done, your proposal has been accepted