Here are some partly wooden ranks I have made Smile The red place is where you can put your forum logo. For an example, click the spoiler Smile


 are realy good at graphics....what font did you use on forum logo on examples ?

Thanks Happy
I normally use the fonts that some with the computer(there are a few exceptions). I used Lucida Handwriting for that one Smile

really nice! Happy

like em Smile

They are really nice! Happy

there awesome

My Suggestion , Use Wooden patterns / textures to get that woody effect.
Also the ribbon , Give a shine... And the size is way to big Smile

p.s. I think i gonna make a thread soon for best sizes for graphics

alright thanks Smile I did use a texture but I decreased the opacity a little too much. I was going to make it smaller but then the ribbon couldn't really fit so I was stuck with a big size Razz

I'll make a set with wooden buttons tomorrow and see what i can get cause i never tried it before Smile

Cool ! Nice .!

Nice i like it

Well done, your proposal has been accepted