How do i make like this


How do i put on right side??

I'm not quite shore gangstar will help you with the first one as World Dezign likes to be unique and dosn't like giving codes away.

As for the second one, What is your forum version?


All you need is adding borders..

2. go to ACP - General - Forum - Configuration - Profile position in the messages : Right

is there code for borders?

sure.. what version u use? its only possible for #punbb and #phpbb2 because you will need to add a div class/ID from the templates (:

lol i said i got punbb

I didn't knew that u was the topic author xD
go to
ACP - Display - Templates - Viewtopic_body:
Find this:

Replace it with:
<span class="user-avatar">{postrow.displayed.POSTER_AVATAR}</span>

In your CSS, add this:
.user-avatar img{
border: 1px solid #fff;} solved now

P.S have you read my pm?

Solved + Locked

yah.. but i can't do something.. i don't have time to my forum how for ur then.