Hello WD,

I was wondering what code is needed to have a "New Topic" status under a forum using the 4in1. Help will be given cookies! xP

Ok..Here the link Click Here

Thank-you. Gangstar, may I use your images? Smile

Hey Vici,

In order to place the "New posts/No new posts" display you will have to add the following code to your Forum Name(if you are using forumotion)


<span style="display:none;">Your forum name</span>

This will make the images display under the icons.

I see. Razz

Vici- wrote:Thank-you. Gangstar, may I use your images? Smile

You cant take his images.

His "new" and "old"posts images.

Vici- wrote:His "new" and "old"posts images.

umm yes i think u can take it

YOU CAN'T dude.. they are copyrighted by wd...

^^ As are all images here. (Except the ones from iconfinder)

Oh... Okay. :(

you can make a request, our gfx designers will make for you (:

I think I'll try to design one. Wink