How do i make like this?


Shadowz au

P.S Gangstar15 can you change my name to Shadowz_au

Admin Panel -> Modules -> HTML page management (At your left hand side of the admin panel below the HTML section, at the bottom of the page) -> +Create new HTML page

i know..i want the code...

just some code..not all of it

You'll need some HTML knowledge, develop and put them to use with your own creativity and not always wanting to be like others. But if you don't even know the basic of HTML nor CSS, there are two ways. One, which is hiring someone to do it for you. Two, would be learn up those markup languages yourself on some tutorial sites. Smile

Well..I cant learn html or css..

Well.. as Japo said Happy
Well... u can't learn it in 3 days or 3 weeks.. you need to follow tutorials from this site
which is for beginners (:
People won't give their work away..
But soon, i will make a little contest.. and the awards are a nice HTML page by wd (:
just stay tuned (:


Check out my tutorials. Read this one first - And then read this one.

Be sure to show us what you come up with (:

Ok Thank Mcstormify