Added (:

bump @gangstar change my affiliate image to this because raps delete my affiliate image he changed to this <--remove it change it to this --> thank you.

Ok will do now (:

Forum Name: GKScripters
Forum Link:
Forum Affiliate Button:

i already added you to my forum.

hey gangstar? change the DREAMLAND affiliate button to GKS affiliate button because i changed DREAMLAND to GKS...

Added (:

New Update.
If you want your affiliate icon to be placed in the forum footer just create an icon with size 20x20 (px)
and of course the forum name and link (:

Forum Name: Skulls Forum
Forum Link:
Forum Affiliate button (Here) :(88x31)

Added (:
Thank you! Happy

np and i added you too

Thank you (:

Forum Name: GameBase
Forum Link:
Forum Affiliate button:

Added Smile

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