Love it great job Big grin

I love it too... good job from Gangstar15 as always... Smile

yea its really calm Smile

Nice Work, like it. I play the piano

It's calmish.. but sometimes i'd like to turn it off Mad

I really tried many codes to turn it off but nothing worked Happy i will try to make another background music and put a button to turn it off Happy

By the way.. what's the songs name? Razz

I don't know Happy i just searched in google Happy

Okay guys.. From now on.. if you want to start and stop the background music just hit the arrow in the top left side of the page (:

Great job!

I want to know if you guys like the idea Happy

ditton, i love them start/stop button. i didnt like the automatic start

gj guys Wink

the background music doesnt work on my pc why?

Err... sound on? Razz