Classroom Study Tips

Your lessons are valuable and a few simple steps can help you to get the most out of them.

1. Be prepared before you go to your classes. Get all the things you need ready before you set out (including books, pens, equipment and glasses if you wear them). Get to class on time, so that you don’t miss the introduction to the topic of the lesson.

2. Where do you normally sit in class? Do you find yourself becoming distracted from the lesson by being near a window or sitting close to friends? Would you get more out of your lessons if you sat somewhere else?

3. Listen carefully to what your teacher has to say and ask questions if you are unsure about anything. If one of your fellow students asks a question, pay attention.

4. It is a good idea to go to your lessons prepared with a notebook and pen. Do not wait for the teacher to tell you to note something down but take notes on the lesson as this will help you to remember what you have learned.

5. Make sure you write down any assignments or homework you are given during the lesson, and when this needs to be handed in.

6. If you are unclear about your assignment or task, ask your teacher to explain before you leave the lesson.

7. Do ask questions in the lesson if you want extra information on a subject or are unsure of the meaning of something or the task you have been given.

8. After class, it is a good idea to rewrite your notes or look over them and underline important ideas or words. This will give you a set of notes to use for revision later on.

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Study the chapter at home before the teacher teaches it. This would help a lot in understanding the chapter better.

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