Smashed Signature The_dk10

Perfect Happy you guys are very good xD lol should we make a signature contest Razz

nice indeed

haha thanks,..

Congratz, you just won Evil's Mini SOTW of the day Tounge

not bad smimular style to my sig

but hey glad to some one who can be creative too ^_^

keep it up

dont really like it :(

Interesting idea Happy
But that font on the DK isn't very good :]

good idea! Happy

Awesome work! I really like the color mathes, and idea about transperent.

Reputation +1 Happy

I realy like the "smashed" good work with that... but .... i dont like that red color....

great job its awesome.

Text is very bad but other than that they are creative and nice..
Want to see more from you..

It is a bit big...

haha lol i miss this,
and yeah my first sig.
i hope i still have time to make and share some ideas here...
almost a year since i last visit here...
im a busyman now,..

take care guys.. godbless