New CRYSIS SIG  Sean_n10

Guest I just did this so comment on it let me know what you think

Did you put my name in there or did you use the username command? lol

If you did reffer to me, I left some comments on your post at creative labz.


nice one!

Nice 10/10 Smile

Ever, he use the username PHP tag Razz
sean, nice work! Happy

thanks guys ^_^

New version

New CRYSIS SIG  Crysis10

Guest what you think guys

That PHP code is driving me mad >.<
Anyways, nice Cool

thanks bro

Nice one 8/10

thanks bro

Nice, But it's really large for a signature..

its a big sig monster ^_^

Evil wrote:That PHP code is driving me mad >.<
Anyways, nice Cool


@Sean: It's a little messy for me but overall is still nice. 8/10

Looks cool but still messy like Johnson said.

Cool! I like the broken glass effect.

It's a bit mixed but it's good for start.
The broken window mask the render and this is not ok.