First of all hi there...Again me with some strange questions :-)all its about Design Drop theme. Ok i create some forum and need some little changes like how i want.

1. in the box where you see the username, avatar and rank image make at centar enter ane same size between(in topics)

2. remove this at forum
- (Overall top 20 posters Today's top 20 posters Today's active topics)
- (We have 49 registrated users, The newes registrated user is tuta)
- (Our users have posted a total of 210 messages)
- (Who is online?)
- (Most users ever online was 11 on Wed 17 Nov 2010 - 22:49)

3. about that all who is online can i make like this in my other forum, who is online will be in own frame and legend in other like in this pictures

4. about FAQ...can i rename that to Guild Rules and where to edit that to clan rules about game (if i can do that because all that forumotion rules)

5. about posting window i am really confused...can i get something simple like here (you can add image link and some things) i have each post other window look

6. remove this in profile options (Topic(s) being watched)

7. remove this in posting window (BBCode guide)

For now i think i need to change that please...if someone read message reply please THANKS
forum link