Can this theme what you make can be translated to english maybe? I ask because when i copy all how you say again there is other linguage
theme link

Why don't you just ask it there? Isn't it an open topic?

Well you cant get soemtimes right ansver there that is true, there you have much shity members who lick admins ass for some mod and they ansver me about nivo slider like this...well nivo slider is not cool anymore try something other...??? that is right ansver for mine question how to make same slider like this i need this at forum because screenshots from game, and i ask how to make same size like in link how you can see. Same slider like how you have here is cool but to last i just wanna make perfect forum for me and buddys nothing special like how some people think, i dont wanna copy paste anyone just maybe i have strange question what confuse you...and they decline there at forumotion this theme because he dont make all in english linguage...i cant post anything or see reason :-)

Whoa whoa... Chill.
I'll try looking for a way even though I did try that before but it didn't really work. Life is quite hectic these days. Sorry.

ah no problem buddy, just sometimes i cant handle all that, sorry if i say something wrong, i know and i always got help here about anything and i fix this alone :-) i translate all what i need...all night i spend for that and this can be locked...but 1 more thing at this theme all what you add to homepage or css cant be showed lol, i just try 4 hours to change logo but cant found place where to copy link or something i try at css nothing try at pics managment again nothing, i have there yahoo player like always and popup chat but cant see...


Try editing your logo in the template then.