i need edit my forum footer like this

help editing footer punbb Captur10

Go to Admin panel > Display > Templates > overall_footer
You can edit your footer from there.

can you tech me how to edit templates similiar like that?

Look for pun-foot and replace from that div to the attributes before

with the code from below.
<div id="pun-foot">
               <div id="pun-about" class="clearfix">
                                          <div id="main-footer" style="text-align: center;">
Powered by <a href="" target="_tab">Forumotion™</a> ® Version <a href="" target="_tab">PunBB</a><br />
Copyright  © 2011 YOURFORUMAME. All rights reserved.<br />
YOURFORUMNAME ® is a registered trademark.
                                            </div> <!-- </Footer> -->

                      <p class="center">{ADMIN_LINK}</p>

thanks dude.. Happy sloved now

how about in phpbb2?

The same. Only notice the class and id that is different for phpBB2.

it's that ok to change the footer of forumotion?? im afraid someday my forum will delete of forumotion because of that

As long as you have the link to FM, they won't report or delete you.