It's Christmas Eve night here at my time zone and the other places out there (where you guys are) are probably having an enjoyable Christmas Eve morning.
To those who are kids, be sure that you sleep early so that Santa will come to you tonight. And as for those elder ones, hope that you'll all have a good time hanging out with your friends and family.

Season's Greetings!!!!!!
Sincerely from World Dezign Smile

My Christmas Eve: war with my room. Been cleaning it for 4 hours now and damn... it's one big massacre. I think my room has the upper hand...

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Merry Christmas for all around the world!

My gift for WD will be a new theme Wink
But it will take time! Happy

@LilJur: Try bringing out all your "ultimate weapons". Haha...

@GS: I've been thinking of a revovation but I can hardly have any ideas. So, wow, that's one unique Christmas gift for WD. I'll have to set up a Christmas tree to wait for it. lol

haha, but i also need to think of a great design Wink

btw, i think the graphic design section and MISCELLANEOUS section should be removed (:
let's just focus on the web design section.

@GS: i rather have graphics xD it's my major expertise. Just need to get more people for it

@Japo: i did, now i'm homeless

@GS: Hmm... I'll have to think about that.

@Liljur: What do you mean by homeless?

I blew my room up :3 ultimate weapon

Well, at least you get to get a new one. Razz